Friday, October 10, 2008

From Wheelchair to Bicycle in 12 Months -- It still feels miraculous to me!

Last November I needed to use my tilt-recline wheelchair or a scooter whenever I left my office. Now after 12 months of electrotherapy to my muscles and intensive diet rich with micronutrients I walk throughout the hospital. In May I started biking for the first time in 6 six years. In September I rode my bicycle 18 miles. It took me three hours. I was tired when I finished and hat to sit in my chair and read for a couple hours to recharge my energy.

It still feels miraculous -- I know that it is the consequence of hard work, electrotherapy and all those micronutrients. Our next step is working out a protocol to test in others. Hopefully we will have approval to begin the study by the first of the year.

Terry Wahls, MD

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