Sunday, November 8, 2009

Poisons in Our

November 8, 2009
The Poisons in Our Foods

I recently completed a toxicology profile on myself. Keep in mind that I have been eating 6 plus cups of kale / collards/ onion family vegetables every day for nearly two years. Along with that I have been eating bright colors to maximize my antioxidant intake too. In short I have been following a reasonable detoxification diet.

however I did expect that I'd have some evidence of heavy metals, just because I have come to recognize that heavy metals in the body are often drivers of autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis. I've been taking additional iodine for three months, again to help support my iodine intake.

I took the test through the FFP laboratory (J. D. Flechas, MD) because I wanted to get a status on my iodine and heavy metals. I just go my results and I was surprised.

Here they are
Flouride: normal range
Iodine: provocation 78% when the goal is 90% so iodine stores are low - I probably need another 3 to 6 months of replacement iodine to get my iodine levels in the fully replaced range)
Bromide spot low - but provocation was 38 (3X normal) - which means I have bromide in my body. Bromide competes with iodine, driving up the amount of iodine I need. Bromine will be excreted via urine. But I need a lot of iodine to do so.

Other heavy metals that were toxic
aluminum 2X normal
Barium 20X normal
cadmium slight elevation
cesium 2 X normla
Gadolinium 100 X normal
rubidium slight elevation
thalium 10X normal
tungsten slight elevation
Uraniaum 2 X normal
mercury slight elevation

The big questions --
Where did I get these compounds? \
Am I still taking more into my body?
How do I increase my ability to get rid of them?
Notably, I probably had much higher levels two years ago.
Since cruciferous, onions and sulfur amino acids induce more enzymes that are used in detoxification -- I have been following a good detox protocol.
But now I want to do even more..
I went out looking for more information on detoxification and came across this site.
I found it useful.

Other sources of information include Dr. Mark Hyman who has several books. Going to his website would provide some information as well.

More information can be found about iodine at
Sources for my heavy metals were probably related to growing up on an Iowa farm, living in communities that used treated river water and living in a home with a shallow well.
Now I have a reverse osmosis water filter. I take a sauna most days, and a clay foot soak. And I take chlorella, spirulina and green tea each day in my morning smoothie.

For those of you with an autoimmune disease, consider the possibility that heavy metals in your fat and brain are adding to your disease.

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Anonymous said...

The M.D. that I have worked with for years, Dr. Lyn Hanshew,, says that we do not have good mechanisms for getting rid of heavy metals. And the way to prove this is to do an unchallenged heavy metals test (urine). You will see that no heavy metals tend to be excreted ordinarily. Then do a challenge test with a chelator... although many people can have bad reactions to mobilizing metals if their excretion very pathways are compromised. Mobilizing metals from storage sites can make one very sick, my experience. Anyway, you will probably see an enormous excretion of heavy metals depending on what substance you are using to challenge with. I too was very high barium, gallium, nickel etc. Mercury in my understanding tends to be the last metal to come out. I think we have a genetic inability to produce glutathione... Harold Foster, a medical geologist has a very interesting theory about MS. He says that it starts with the mothers iodine deficiency, which makes the child hypothyroid but it also causes the brain to develop more dopamine receptor sites. But the lack of glutathione due to the iodine deficiency causes dopamine to break down into dopa chrome which poisons the myelin. Glutathione makes you more sensitive to dopamine... I have been trying to reduce my heavy metals for years, but whenever I do a metals challenge test, I am still showing signs of complete overload, so I have no idea how long it takes to detox the things as I have been trying for 12 years to get rid of the mercury.